Motors: Large Range of High Efficiency DC Permanent Magnet Motors Optimised Design using Advanced CAD technology DC Motors with High Quality Brush Gear for Long Life DC Brake motors available DC Motors with Shaft Encoders Double Shaft DC Motors P Series Permanent Magnet Motors: Excellent Quality/Price Ratio Optimised for Industrial applications N Series Rare Earth DC Motors: Small size achieved by using High Specification Magnet Material High Torque Constant throughout Speed Range RE Series Gearboxes: Range of Planetary Gearboxes to match Siboni motors Right Angle Planetary Gearboxes also available Nema Mounting Flange Option Hardened Alloy-Steel Gears with Honed Finish for Long Life, High Efficiency and Low Noise Gearbox Shafts use High Quality Hardened Steel machined to Fine Limits for Tough Applications and Best Fits Lubricated for Life High Quality Sealed Bearings
Siboni Motoriduttori S.r.l. manufacture a Large Range of high quality Low Voltage DC Electric Motors and High Efficiency Gearboxes. Cobalt Controls Ltd offer the following Siboni products: P Series DC Permanent Magnet Motors N Series DC Rare Earth Motors Traction DC Motors RE Series Planetary Gearboxes
Siboni DC Motors and Gearboxes
P Series DC PM Motors Cost Effective DC Motors 24 - 90V DC motors 5 - 380W Rated Power 1100 - 3700 rpm Rated Speed
N Series DC Rare Earth Motors High Performance DC Motors 24 - 90V DC Motors 23 - 860W Rated Power 1900 - 4000 rpm Rated Speed
DC Traction Motors High Torque DC Motors 12 - 24V DC Motors 220 - 1300W Rated Power 1300 - 4000rpm Rated Speed
RE Series Planetary Geraboxes High 87 - 97% Efficiency Gearboxes 3:1 - 400:1 Gearbox Ratios 0.7 - 400Nm Rated Torque
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