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Cobalt Integrated AC Inverter
P400-M Integrated Drive
The P400-M Integrated Inverter from Cobalt Controls Ltd offers a simplified solution to Variable Speed Motor Control up to 400W. Mounting the Variable Speed Control (Inverter) directly on the 3-phase motor minimises external wiring and reduces costs to produce a compact and rugged package. The elimination of long Motor cables reduces EMC problems. The Electronic Inverter unit employs tough epoxy encapsulated construction to increases resistance to vibration and moisture.
Connects to standard 230V single phase supply, 110V available. Uses standard IEC 3-Phase Motor. Mains input EMC filter built-in. Input Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit reduces input current. Tough encapsulated construction using epoxy resin increases resistance to vibration and moisture. 4 inputs, each programmable. Speed control by potentiometer or external 0-5V signal, 0-10V available. Settings can be factory programed to simplify OEM production. Internal sensors provide thermal, over-current and over-voltage protection. Can be fitted to Worm and other Gearbox types. Control inputs electrically isolated from power circuit. Speed and direction controls may be mounted on motor encolsure or connected by remote cable.